Homem-Aranha — Test Plot nº 1

Em resposta à submission do Wolverine, a Marvel me mandou um test plot, isto é, um roteiro de avaliação.

Os desenhos foram enviados à Marvel em maio de 2001.

( . . . . . )

Page Four

( . . . . . )

Hyde, enraged, turns around to see Spidey on the balcony, neatly webbing up the armored goons.

Page Five

Hyde lunges at Spider-Man like a wild animal.

MJ has to rein in her emotions to protect her husband's secret identity.

Hyde tackles Spider-Man in mid-leap, sending them both off of the balcony, twenty stories above 5th avenue. Hyde laughs maniacally — He doesn't care!

Hyde and Spider-Man fight as they fall to the street.

( . . . . . )